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Defender® Medi-Filter® 11" (Older Models)

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The FilterQueen Defender Medi-Filter includes:

(1) Medi-Filter:

The Medi-Filter provides three times better-than-HEPA filtration to reduce pollutants such as dust, dust mites, pollen and mold spores.


Note:  For the best Indoor Air Quality experience, purchase the Enviropure Charcoal Filter Wrap in addition to the Medi-Filter.


How often to change your filters:


Change once every year.  For best results, change every 6 months for homes with pets or smokers.


Changing your Defender filters:

To change the Medi-Filter watch the instructional video or follow the instructions found below.


1. After unplugging the Defender®, place the unit on its side and remove the retaining nut on the bottom of the unit by turning counterclockwise. 2. Return the unit to its upright position and lift off the top motor assembly. 3. Remove the Medi-Filter® Cartridge and Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap. If only replacing the Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap, remove the old charcoal filter from the Medi-Filter® Cartridge and discard it. 

Note: The charcoal filter is fastened with velcro.
4. Place the new Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap around the outside of the Medi-Filter® Cartridge and fasten with the velcro provided. If also replacing the Medi-Filter® Cartridge, fasten the new Enviropure® Charcoal Filter Wrap to the new Medi-Filter® Cartridge. Return the filters to the unit. 5. Replace the top motor assembly. 6. Place the unit on its side to secure the retaining nut on the bottom of the unit. Return the unit to its upright position to resume use.


Genuine Filter Check:  

You can identify a genuine FilterQueen Medi-Filter by locating our phone number built right into both ends of the filter itself.  Also, every Medi-Filter is serial numbered directly from the factory for quality control.  Watch the video below for details on identifying a genuine FilterQueen filter.