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Majestic® Enviropure Activated Charcoal Filter Cones

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This  Enviropure Charcoal Cone is specifically designed to eliminate odors such as smoke, pet dander and cooking smells. Odor control comes from activated charcoal.  Use this filter cone with the Pre-Filter Cone and Medipure Premium cone for best results.


The Package includes:

2 Enviropure Charcoal Cones:


How often to change your filters:

Enviropure Charcoal Cones:

Change every 3 months.


Changing your Majestic filters:

To change the Enviropure Cone, watch the instructional video or follow the instructions found below.  This filter cone will fit inside the Medipure Premium filter cone.

Changing the Majestic® Filter Cones

1. Release side clamps and remove top unit from dirt container. 2. Remove Medipure® Premium Filter Cone and set aside or discard if installing new filter. 3. Empty contents of dirt container and Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™ into a large, open garbage bag. 4. Insert point of a new Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™ into the bottom of the dirt container. 5. Place the Medipure® Premium Filter Cone on top of the Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™.
6. Replace top unit and lock side clamps in place. Be sure all three tabs of the Primary Pre-Filter BioCone™ are visible. (Continue with Step 7 if replacing Motor Guard filter.) 7. Remove top unit as shown in Step 1 and then remove the cone guard. It may be necessary to use a Phillips screwdriver for some units. 8. Pull back the plastic retainer ring and lift the ring out. The filter can now be easily removed and discarded. 9. Replace Motor Guard filter. Place the filter over the center section of the screen. Replace retainer ring by squeezing the ring. Make sure the ring snaps into place. 10. Replace the cone guard. Be sure the outer edge of the cone is sealed on the rubber lip around the circumference of the unit. Replace screw if applicable. Replace top unit as shown in Step 6.


Genuine Filter Check:  

You can identify a genuine FilterQueen Filter Cone by locating our FitlerQueen logo and Health-Mor phone number printed on the filter itself.  Also, every BioCone has the Genuine FilterQueen Seal printed on it, as shown below.

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